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here in san francisco. we have with us tonight eileen hernandez, [ applause ] >> we are fortunate to have spinola jackson with us tonight. [ applause ] >> who has commissioner noted looks like a million dollars before taxes. and we are honored to have doris ward with us tonight. [ applause ] >> and i can't emphasize enough how critical and how influential and how just fundamental these three people have been and are to the work of civil rights and human rights in san francisco. [ applause ] i would also like to recognize someone who is very special to us, the commissioners, forward hrc commissioner who was present at the 1963 march on washington. she is here with her husband. flees join us in honoring frankie jill e t and maxwell. >> before we go to this year's nominees and awardees, i would like to recognize the nominees for this year's awards who were ultimately not selected but who because of their tr work were nominated by their contemporaries, their contemporaries in the community. dr. caesar churchwell. [ applause ] officer fred crisp. [ applause ] >> mr. michael mcenolate.
] >> the final card that i presently have is from miss eileen hernandez. [ applause ]
have is from miss eileen hernandez. [ applause ] >> it's very hard to follow doris. i have been doing that for a long time. i think this has been a very unique evening because i don't recall ever having this kind of event, discussion how the human rights commission is working. the very facet for many of you who are here have been touched by the human rights commission in one way or another. i could not get out of the room today without saying something about what has happened with women. because what we have seen in this room, i think they can hear me. no, you can't. i hear you, sweetheart. what i was saying, what i was most interested by tonight was the differences in this room. how many people who are here would not have been here 50 years ago. what we have begun to do is to recognize that all the issues that we've been talking about touch every single one of us. if we aren't all working together, we will be another 50 years for meetings in this room. so i hope that we will give a lot of help to the human rights commission which came into san francisco unusually and did a lot of wor
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3